The Best Analog Video Converter

After 20 hours of research and testing, we found that the Cingk Mini Video Converter was the best choice for most people who want to connect old video devices to new TVs. The Cingk takes the composite video signal (the unique yellow cable) from, say, a VCR or Nintendo Wii, and converts it to HDMI so you can connect the old device to your new TV.  Best RCA to HDMI Converters We love Cingk because it is small and easy to install. Just plug the composite cables into the inputs, an HDMI cable into the output and your TV, choose either 1080p or 720p (depending on the resolution of your TV), and the tuck somewhere it will not be seen. However, you should only get it if your TV does not already have a composite input. In our tests, the internal converter / scaler on our TV provided slightly better performance. If the Cingk is not available or jumps in price, the Musou and Teorder converters are perfectly acceptable alternatives to Cingk. In fact, with the exception of the mark on the